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March 30, 2020

How to make Chicken Sausages?

How to make Chicken 

Sausages with semi gravy

How-to-make-Chicken -Sausages

They say that we eat a lot of chicken sausages, but how to use Gravy and what all ingredients will you put please let us know That's why I am making Semi Gravy Chicken Sausages.

The ingredients are

600 gm Chicken Sausages

4 Tomato Puree

4 Onions in paste form

Pure Clarified Butter - 50 gm

Lime Water 1 tbsp with sugar 2 tbsp

Curd - 50 gm

Ginger Garlic Paste - 2 tbsp

Green Chilli - 10 well grinded

Salt - 2 tbsp

Red Chilli Powder - 2 tbsp

Turmeric - 1/2 tbsp

1 tbsp - Ginger Garlic Powder

Wray - 1/2 tbsp

Small Cardamom - 6

Chhabila - a small piece

Cloves - 8, Black Pepper - 10

Small Piece of Nutmeg

Big Cardamom - 1, Hot Spice - 1/2 tbsp

8-10 Red Chilli

we will use all these ingredients to make Chicken Sausages
and make Semi Gravy Chicken Sausages

Let's have a look at how we will make Chicken Sausages how we cut the sausages we will cut chicken sausages Let's start making

Semi Gravy Chicken Sausages

The Pan is well heated now I am adding all Hot Spices here Wray also Adding Red Chilli also I have added all Spices now we will roast the Spices on medium heat for 1 min the spices are well roasted now  I will put it in a separate bowl and grind them Meanwhile the Spices is getting cold

let's increase the heat of the pan and now add Clarified Butter it is very good for health and second, the taste is very nice The Clarified butter is well heated now Now we have Onions that were grinded, Let's light the brown the onions it will take around 8-10 mins add tomato puree Also add Spices Stir them well We are not using water to cook the spices Now add curd to it Adding lemon juice with Sugar use Lemon and sugar in almost all recipes this truly enhances the taste Also adding Ginger Garlic paste 1 tbsp The Gravy is quite colorful now cook them well it will take around 5-6 mins to cook You can see the gravy is 60% cooked now 5 mins have elapsed cook these spices properly We have Green Chilli Add grinded and roasted powder of Hot Spices so that it heats properly In this dish we will now add 1 cup water to cook Gravy we have added 1 bowl water increase the heat One time we had cooked 60-70% we are cooking it again it will take around 5-7 mins 7-8 mins have elapsed you can see the Gravy is well cooked now it is almost 80% done now I want that you cook again for 1 time add half a bowl of water Let's cook the Gravy one more time

How to Add Spices How much to add and how much time to cook spices is the science behind cooking what all ingredients to take and what not to take this is an art of cooking good food

please cook chicken sausages in gravy and hence I am making Gravy Filled Chicken Sausages Keep the heat on low and leave for 5 mins Gravy is well prepared now We have "Bhunao" thrice 10, 5 and 5 mins in this way it took 20 mins to cook this gravy this is well prepared now Now I will add sausages now adding all sausages Mix them well combination of red and white sausages will be prepared well You can eat direct or eat with Chapati

In this gravy, it will take around 10 mins for sausages to cook and then the recipe will be ready to cook it I am adding 1 bowl of water and add a bit of salt because salt is necessary after adding water cover the lid for 10 mins Approx 20-25 mins have elapsed The Gravy is well mixed with the sausages now the dish is ready now keep the heat on low and cook for 5 mins and make it dry

I have used less Gravy,

Health point of view it is better that you eat less Gravy.

the sausages are almost ready now once they are ready to add them in a separate bowl Our Gravy Chicken Sausages is ready as you can see switch off the gas make chicken sausages in gravy