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April 10, 2020

The Pornstar Martini Cocktail Recipe

The Pornstar Martini

Cocktail Recipe


Pornstar Martini is one of the most popular cocktails in the UK and is considered a modern classic. The cocktail was created in 2002 by the bartender and founder of LAB (London Academy of Bartending) Douglas Ankrah at the Townhouse Bar in Knightsbridge.

He first named the cocktail Maverick Martini, in recognition of an incomplete club in Cape Town, but then changed the name to Porn Star Martini.

"I called it the porn star Martini because I thought it was something a porn star was going to take. It is pure indulgence, sexy, fun and evocative," said Douglas Ankrah.

This is a proper recipe. 

The original recipe calls for
50 ml of vanilla vodka,
20 ml of passion fruit liqueur,
50 ml of passion fruit puree, and
2 tablespoons of homemade vanilla sugar.