Top 5 Appam Maker Pan For Idli

Top 5 Appam Maker

Pan For Idli


1. Dynamic Cookwares, Premium Cast Iron Paniyaram/Paddu/Ponganalu Pan/Kallu/Chatti Appam Maker Pan(Pre-Seasoned

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Dynamic “Ready to use” Cast-Iron Paniyaram pan is meant with Indian tradition in mind. The 12 well-rounded curved cavities are pre-seasoned and designed to prepare evenly cooked, crispy and puffy paniyaram that pinches your taste buds. Ergonomically crafted dual-handle design and an eye-catchy thick cooking base makes cooking effortless and enjoyable. With very little care the pan can last for many years.

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  • Dynamic Cookwares's Cast Iron Paniyaram Pan is uniquely designed to match world-class quality norms in design, manufacturing, and ergonomics
  • Dynamic Cookware Cast Iron Paniyaram Pan is manufactured with controlled metallurgy using the latest technologies and production process, unlike old cupola casting.
  • It is a Pre-Seasoned, Ready to use, Naturally Non-Stick pan.
  • With proper care and use, our cookware lasts forever.


2. Wonderchef Aluminium Paniyarakkal, 24cm, Black Appam Maker Pan

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The entire range of Wonderchef Cookware and Appliances may be a perfect blend of health, taste, and convenience that inspires us to 'cook with pride'. Wonderchef products are utilized in many homes in India where healthy and convenient cooking may be a part of a lifestyle. This premium cookware and appliances are a pleasure to use, are innovative, have attractive colors and styles, and cling to uncompromising standards of quality.

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  • Prepare traditional appams in Wonderchef paniyarakkal appam maker pan and delight your guests
  • Gas Stovetop Compatible
  • Cook different types of appams in large quantity in the same pan at the same time
  • Well-shaped to let the batter settle properly
  • Color: Black, Material: Aluminium

3. Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Pre-Seasoned Paniyara Appam Maker Pan Pan/Paniyaram Kal - 7 Holes

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Practical Design Appam Maker Pan
Every product of ours has been designed for practical day to day use. We pay a lot of attention to its dimensions and weight. If it’s too light it would be easy to handle but then its heat retention would also be very less and food would get burnt soon. If it’s too heavy it would become difficult to handle and take longer to get heated initially. With all this in mind, we strike the right balance in design and we call it Practical Design.

Seasoning your Appam Maker Pan
The biggest mind-blocker of employing a forged iron cookware is seasoning it. That's why we have already seasoned it for you. This Product is ready to use. However, it's quite natural which will got to re-season again over time. To help you do it, we have Video Tutorials in our Website (URL available in Product Booklet) And more importantly, we never use any Chemicals in seasoning. It is 100% natural and through with Gingelly Oil which too it’s Organic Gingelly Oil.

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  • A Cast Iron Paniyaram pan. Heavier than the form for who prefer it that way
  • 7 Holes. 3.6 Kgs in Weight. 8 Inches in diameter. Each Hole - 1 inch in diameter
  • Takes a little longer to heat up with flat base, once hot retains heat very well and gives Paniyarams Crispier and Quicker.
  • Ready to Use. Seasoned with Vegetable Oil. No Chemicals Used.
  • Sturdy, Lasts for generations. Say goodbye to Teflon


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    Cello brings to your kitchen, convenience, and utility with this Steelox Stainless Steel Multi Kadhai Induction Base set of 6 Plates. This cookware becomes a secure and sturdy member of your kitchen, because it is formed with 100% food-grade chrome steel.

    It consists of 3 idli maker, 1 Appam Maker Patra plate, 1 steamer, 1 mini idli maker making it comfortable, and complete cookware for steaming the treats like Dhokla, Pathra, Idlis and Momos. Its heavy gauge induction bottom renders it a compatible fit daily use on induction cooking also as a gas range. A Bakelite knob on the toughened glass lid prevents heat transfer to the hands. Simultaneously, the Bakelite ear handles make it firm and easy to handle.

    Cello has been with you, serving you, accompanying you for generations, in each and every space of your home, from living room to dining room, bedroom to bathroom. You have made us a part of your family. We want to strengthen this relationship by serving you more. Our products will help you spend great times with your loved ones, by making household work an easier and enjoyable experience for you. We as a Cello Group is striving towards introducing a word-class lifestyle to every individual for an enduring relationship of trust and commitment.


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      • The set is made up of 100% Food Grade & Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel with mirror finishing.
      • It has a heavy gauge induction bottom, which is also a gas stove compatible.
      • Strong and sturdy for daily use with premium quality stainless steel
      • Multi-purpose cookware set. Cooks Idlis, Dhoklas, Patras & various other dishes
      • 100% Flameproof
      • It has all the attributes that combine to make premier stainless steel cookware with look and style that meet the demands of the millennium.
      • Riveted Long-lasting stay cool bakelite handles
      • Perfect gifting option
      • Compact size makes it easy to store in kitchen cupboards. Easy to clean & maintain.
      • Package Contents: 3 idli maker, 1 Patra plate, 1 steamer, 1 mini Appam Maker pan idli maker

      5. Prestige Multi-Kadai With Appam Maker Pan 220mm by Prestige.

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      • Material: Hard Anodised Aluminium; Size: Multi-Kadai (2.5 Litre); Base type: Induction Base; Base thickness (in mm): 4.88; Included components: Idli Plates, Dhokla Plates, Patra Plates; Colour: Black & Silver
      • Warranty: 2 Years; Included in warranty: Manufacturing defects will be covered in the warranty. Remaining things have been mentioned in the user manual; Not included in the warranty: Mentioned in the manual
      • For any issues, please contact_us on: [1800-123-334411]
      • High Quality hard anodized body
      • Multi-Purpose
      • Ideal for Deep Frying
      • Induction and Gas Compatible
      • Comes with accessories like idli Stand, Dhokla Stand and Steamer