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July 21, 2020

Healthy Refreshing Keto Dessert With Chia Seeds

Healthy Refreshing 

Keto Dessert With Chia Seeds

HEALTHY REFRESHING Smoothie with chia seeds become a separate dish, instead of one of the meals, or it can be drunk as a dessert. This refreshing green keto smoothie contains only healthy ingredients and is so delicious that even those kids who usually don't eat spinach will love it.


Keto Dessert Smoothie Ingredients:

 1 tablespoon chia seeds, cover with 3 tablespoons of cold boiled water to swell for 7-10 minutes
125 g fresh spinach
5-10 fresh mint leaves
1 small cucumber, cut into pieces
5-7 strawberries, chopped
1 / 2 lemon, peel and chop
1 / 4 lime, peel and chop
200 grams of heavy cream

Keto Dessert Smoothie Cooking:

 1. Pour cream into a blender (alternatively, coconut or almond milk đŸ„›)
 2. Add all ingredients in turn
 3. Beat until smooth.
 4. Pour into portioned glasses and garnish with strawberries